About Us

We provide Outstanding Solutions

Our Vision.Because we are Reliable.

At Justluc Logistics, our vision is to become the number one Transportation Company, which offers integrated transportation solutions including full chain of logistics by means of total commitment to our clients and suppliers. We aim to provide our full transportation services to deliver your goods at the highest safety standards and your complete satisfaction. We uphold regional and local values and we adapt ourselves to those needs and conditions.

Our quality policy calls for the highest level of customer satisfaction, through continous improvements in order to meet and exceed our customer's expectations and requests.

We are constantly seraching for new methods to improve our competency in the transport and logistics market. We pursue excellence, professionalism and a competitive attitude. At Justluc Logistics your key contact will always be a professional customer service personnel backed by company management. We always strive to go beyond our customer's expectations.

Our Mission.

To perform our role as the SADC Region Express, Transport and Logistiscs Company in providing an outstanding service level to our clients, sub-contractors, staff and suppliers.

We continually endeavor to exceed our client's expectations in service levels which will lead to the achievements of sustained long term growth, expansion and profitability. Our commitment to technology advancements, safety, the environment and ongoing training will ensure continued improvement in service levels and profitability to enable us to remain as the SADC regions envied Transport and Logistics Company.

Our fleet.

We currently have a fleet of 11(eleven) ten tonne volume body trucks, 21 (twenty-one) 30 tonne boxed trucks and 4 (four) 15 tonne flat bed trucks and 9 (nine) 34 tonne Sliding Curtain Side Superlinks in operation. This investment will be necessary to be ale to meet the high level of demand for our services. We are driven by your transport needs.

Who we are.

Justluc Logistics has been operating since March 2012. We started out with a fleet of 3 (three) 10 ton volume body trucks servicing the SADC region and have since increased our fleet of trucks to 11 (eleven) ten tonne volume body trucks, 21 (twenty-one) 30 tonne boxed body trucks, 9 (nine) 34 tonne Sliding Curtain Side Superlinks in operation and 4 (four) 13 tonne flat bed trucks.

We have a Joint Venture Partnership in place with lrge transport company in the United Kingdom which helps us increase our fleet as and when need arises. We do local deliveries and country distribution throughout Zambia. Our fleet has managed us to move across boarder loads into the following countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Angola, DRC and Namibia, just to mention a few. We work strictly with Zambian Government laws. Zambia Revenue Authority, the Zambian Road Transportation Code of Conduct and adhere to SADC countries transport regulations.